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October 15, 2008

Pick All you Want.

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It was a good Sunday so T decided to bring us for a pumpkin picking nearby  Strongville, Red Wagon farm.. it was a huge farm and you can see lotsa pumpkin hanging around ready to be picked up.I myself was so excited to see crowd of people enjoying themselves this seasonal “pick all you want” and not to forget to snap some photos to be shared.

All right! lets take a tour with me the memory we have taken..

Not only pumpkins you can get there, they also offer fresh produces such as chilies, tomatoes, potatoes, corn ,fruits and etc for a reasonable price.. we just happen to love it- they are all naturally fresh and local.

Don’t they look pretty and delicious? yes, these are what we got from their indoor market.

and these too.. sweet corns ( sorry the picture is a little shaky )

We picked 2 of these baby pumpkins for 1.50 bucks and a squash for 75 cents but I don’t have the picture of it. If you have a big family and very much into pumpkin, you might want to pick these sweethearts from the outdoor market for 13 bucks, I know it sounds a lot of money but you can get them as much as you want and definitely bigger size.. isn’t that great?

Before left , we took a ride on a wagon for farm tour , it’s 2 bucks per person .. it’s simply worth it! you get to see the whole farm,how peaceful and wonderful the place is … we just loved it! what a great day we had.. thanks hubby!!

Thanks to you too for taking the tour with me! Please stay tune for the next entry.. I will be gathering some ingredients from what we got and update the recipe soon.


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