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October 30, 2008

Mee Siam

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Noodle is one top-ranked favorite in my household, any kind of noodles.. – rice noodle, egg noodle , pad Thai noodle , soba and etc. We can eat noodles everyday! Well not that crazy.. Those who are sailing the same noodle-crazy boat would understand what I am saying.

In answer to our ‘all time’ need for noodles , we plan our menu once per week noodle dish for moderation. Alhamdulillah, moderation makes us satisfied enough! ( Smile)

One of the best dishes , I’d say the winner to my husband is mee siam or Siamese noodle . Mee Siam is stir fried noodle comes with spicy sweet sour gravy. With all those garnishing makes it look perfect and mouth watering. Siamese noodle? I am not certain if I translated it right so am I for it’s ‘hometown’. Do they actually have this kind of dish in Thailand? I really am curios!! Or may be we Malaysians just randomly created our own for the obvious sweet sour flavor also known as flavor of Thai.

The flavor is quite overpowering yet soothing to your tongue and throat . When I say throat, I am no kidding.. it really does the job, masyaAllah! can you consider this as a natural remedy for sore throat or may be cold? waAllahu ‘alam.. to me,it’s quite comforting for a taste of Asia.

Now, How did I get the recipe?

I asked people around for the recipe and from my observation, different people make their Mee Siam differently and not to mention, tastes good on it’s own way and that sweet sour flavor isn’t going anywhere but there.. still there.

Some people love it with  rich creamy sweet sour gravy , the others prefer Mee Siam as is. I am in that “the others” category. I prefer the one with no coconut milk added.Thus,I finally ended up with one recipe , to my humble opinion is good. ! I ultimately made my own comparable mee siam to a husband who has been missing his grandma’s so badly eventhough mine isn’t as good.

This recipe is updated by the combination of hundreds sources I referred to. MasyaAllah, they were all such a great help . And I’ve been using this recipe until today…

Mee Siam (Serves 4 – 5 people) [for Allergy-free version, See below notes]


1 Package vermicelli rice noodles ( prepare the noodles by soaking in warm water for 20 minutes or until pliable soft but not too soft and drained, set aside)

2 Cups fresh shrimps or thinly sliced chicken breast or beef (See Notes)

2 Cups bean sprouts

4 Stalks green onions, slice 1 inch length

5 Stalks green mustard/ bok choy, slice 1 inch length

3 Tablespoons sugar

Salt to taste

1 ½ Cup water

3 Tablespoons canola oil

To Blend:

4 Tablespoons chili paste ( for extra hot)

½ Cup soy paste or taucheo (available in Asian grocery stores)

2 Large yellow onions

2 Cloves garlic

1 Teaspoon shrimp paste or belacan (available In Asian grocery stores)

1/3 Cup dried shrimp (available in Asian grocery stores)

Blend all together till well blended.


Malaysian spicy chili sauce ( See Recipe below)

3 boiled eggs , slice in quarter

2 key limes or limes, slice in half

1 Cup chopped green onions

Fried shallots

Method :

Heat a large wok on medium – high heat. Drizzle canola oil and let it heated for couple minutes. Pour in the blended ingredients and sauté until fragrant and dark red is

paste formed.

Spoon out half of the paste and set aside for later use in gravy. Continue to cook the other half. Add salt, sugar.. Adjust salt to your taste. Add the vermicelli rice noodles, sliced green mustards, sliced green onions. Toss well and until completely cook. (the noodles should be softened when it’s cooked)

For Gravy:

Add in the other half ( the one that has been set aside) in a medium pot, pour water in. Bring it to a boil on medium high heat. Add in salt, adjust accordingly. Keep stirring.

If adding beef or chicken, go ahead add now and let the meat completely cooked and tender.

If adding shrimp, add a few minutes before turning off and removing the pot from the heat. (See Notes)

Malaysian Hot Chili Sauce:


Blend together :

1 Large yellow onion

2 Cloves garlic

4 – 5 tablespoons chili paste

Other Ingredients:

Sugar and salt to taste ( not too much)

1 Tablespoon vinegar or lime juice

1 Tablespoon canola oil


On medium high heat, place a small wok or pot and drizzle the oil. Let it heated. Add the blended paste , sauté until brownish red and fragrant. Add sugar, salt accordingly. Spoon in vinegar/lime juice. Continue to cook until slightly thick and pasty.

Preparing Mee Siam:

In a bowl of stir fired noodle, pour in the gravy. Garnish with boiled egg and lime. Spoon a dollop of Malaysian chili sauce and sprinkle with green onion and fried shallot.

For Soy-free, shellfish free, and egg free version:

– Taucheo or soy paste is made from soy bean, if you can’t use it, just add 1 tablespoon thick tamarind juice , a little bit more salt and Palm sugar.

– Dried shrimp can be subbed with chicken bouillon. Also try to replace water with low sodium chicken broth if you can.

– You can omit the belacan or shrimp paste

– Boiled egg can also be omitted for garnishing.

P/S – All the subbing will change the flavor of real mee siam.. The main flavor from the dish is sweet-sourness from tamarind and taucheo. Adjusting the tamarind juice, sugar and salt will help to get the true taste closer but not the same. At least you still are being able to enjoy it.. right?

Notes Of The Day

1- If you choose beef as your meat of choice, submerge the meat into hot boiled water and let it tender and cooked. Save the beef stock for gravy instead of water.

2- For gravy – to keep the sweetness and tenderness of the shrimp, add it in the gravy during the last minutes you cook the gravy; for the last 3 minutes. Otherwise you will end up with tough and rubbery shrimp.


October 15, 2008

Pick All you Want.

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It was a good Sunday so T decided to bring us for a pumpkin picking nearby  Strongville, Red Wagon farm.. it was a huge farm and you can see lotsa pumpkin hanging around ready to be picked up.I myself was so excited to see crowd of people enjoying themselves this seasonal “pick all you want” and not to forget to snap some photos to be shared.

All right! lets take a tour with me the memory we have taken..

Not only pumpkins you can get there, they also offer fresh produces such as chilies, tomatoes, potatoes, corn ,fruits and etc for a reasonable price.. we just happen to love it- they are all naturally fresh and local.

Don’t they look pretty and delicious? yes, these are what we got from their indoor market.

and these too.. sweet corns ( sorry the picture is a little shaky )

We picked 2 of these baby pumpkins for 1.50 bucks and a squash for 75 cents but I don’t have the picture of it. If you have a big family and very much into pumpkin, you might want to pick these sweethearts from the outdoor market for 13 bucks, I know it sounds a lot of money but you can get them as much as you want and definitely bigger size.. isn’t that great?

Before left , we took a ride on a wagon for farm tour , it’s 2 bucks per person .. it’s simply worth it! you get to see the whole farm,how peaceful and wonderful the place is … we just loved it! what a great day we had.. thanks hubby!!

Thanks to you too for taking the tour with me! Please stay tune for the next entry.. I will be gathering some ingredients from what we got and update the recipe soon.

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