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May 30, 2009

Asam Pedas Tumis

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Asam Pedas Tumis

If you have friends from Malacca or south Malaysia, ask them what is most favorite staple fish dish. You are most likely to get the very same answer.. almost!! – Asam Pedas Tumis. That’s including my husband who I believe is originally from Malacca, he told me that. Let me clarify it again, this is not necessarily true but at least, from my own experience.

Asam Pedas Tumis and Asam Pedas Rebus which the one from north Malaysia , the one I grew up with are both completely different  by its look. Taste wise is not even close but smell almost similar. I love the one that my grandmother used to make (Asam  Rebus) , which almost soupy and very runny than the south one, yes.. just like hot sour soup.

Surprisingly, I don’t make it a lot.. admit it, I don’t even know how to make Asam Rebus. Instead, I make the other one a lot ( Asam Pedas Tumis) . I guess , been surrounded by Southern friends has slightly influenced me of making their food , not much though. Moreover, I am married to a husband who’s a huge fan for Asam Pedas –  can it be the most acceptable reason?

When I say I make it a lot DOES NOT mean I make the BEST Asam Pedas ever. But at least, I had a couple Malay friends asked for the recipe. Safe it to say, the flavor and everything are there but not authentically- the tanginess, salty yet slightly sweet, fishy in a good way, the aroma is indescribable. If you are among the south people, you may know better than I do.

However, I didn’t make up the recipe myself, I got it from one Malaysian Cookbook name something like ‘Masakan Kampung….’ .. I could not remember that for long, it was when I was in College year.Here is what I could possibly share.

Asam Pedas

*I will Update the recipe soon, stick around.. iA*


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